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Olas y arena, cancion de Sylvia Rexach

I’ve loved this song since I was a kid in Puerto Rico. Sylvia Rexach was a genius artist who is not nearly as well known as I think she should be. oh yeah i messed up a word at the end of the song….oy i wish there had been a take two.

While I do occasionally create performance art, this is a piece which I just enjoyed singing, and I’m sharing it to teach people that they should do enjoy doing things they love, share with others, and not be afraid to jump out there in the world!

Welcome to my newest site iteration

Maria Ines

 iPhone self-portrait

Welcome to my WordPress site! Moving over to a new format, with some great features to support my art, and share with you more easily. For those of you who don’t already know me, I am Maria Ines de los Angeles Hernandez Grajales. I’m an artist and a teacher, and I primarily create intricate self-portraiture in mixed media.

I’ve done various installations and exhibited in New York City, Chicago, Iowa City, and in Mexico, and most recently, here, online. Some of my original work is available for purchase through this site, and I’m also working on fine art reproductions and series. My archived portfolio displays a wide range of my work, and as I digitize more of it, I will be sharing it here. This new site also gives me the ability to share audio, video, and original electronic work more easily.

I earned my undergraduate degree in English and African-American Studies from Oberlin College, and my MA in Communication Studies and my MFA in Intermedia from the University of Iowa. I am certified as an Art Educator. I’ve lived in San Juan, Boston, Chicago, Iowa City, Colima and Mexico City, Mexico, and I’ve taught in public and private schools. I currently live in Iowa City and visit New York regularly.

I’m working on new digital art images building on my prior work with photo booths, using iPhone apps and more, and exploring the boundaries of digital imagery, technology, self and social media. I’ve also been exploring outsider art, and what it means to be an artist labeled as bi-polar and intensely creative.