My bio

Maria Ines Hernandez, 2012

Maria Ines Hernandez was born and raised in the island of Puerto Rico. Since immigrating to the United States at age fourteen, she has traveled extensively and moved several times from state to state.  She hates the word U-Haul and all it stands for; she does however, still loves to travel.  Past travel adventures have included traveling to Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, England, Spain, France, Canada and many states in the USA.

She is currently on social security disability due to bi polar disorder. She also has three college degrees which perhaps makes her the most over educated outsider artist in the United States if not the world.   Maria taught for over ten years. While a teacher she taught every school grade from preschool to High School.

Most of her work is photography based mixed work based.  In addition she is a writer and performer. Presently she resides in Iowa City, Iowa where she has lived on and off since 1992.