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Back. Again.

I didn’t update this site, lots of reasons. But I kept doing my own thing. And now I’m sharing again. My first NFT collection is now at, mostly because my brother-in-law needed a hobby. There are 100 self-portraits there and I’d love it if you looked and shared and favorited some. It’s a new space for me, and with COVID there aren’t a lot of new spaces that are safe and available.

Selling digital art is new to me, but there are new artists of color sharing their work through NFTs and established artists doing the same. I shared a long time ago, I’m intensely creative, I have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, and I am very much an outsider. I use art as therapy and a creative outlet. If these places to exhibit, sell, collect, and promote outsider art, art by people of color, and art by women of color in particular can help me share my work, I’ll keep sharing and start selling it there.

Olas y arena, cancion de Sylvia Rexach

I’ve loved this song since I was a kid in Puerto Rico. Sylvia Rexach was a genius artist who is not nearly as well known as I think she should be. oh yeah i messed up a word at the end of the song….oy i wish there had been a take two.

While I do occasionally create performance art, this is a piece which I just enjoyed singing, and I’m sharing it to teach people that they should do enjoy doing things they love, share with others, and not be afraid to jump out there in the world!